about me

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Hi, I'm Sophie Casmano. Welcome to Slice of Soph!


Long Beach, CA. // San Diego, CA.

I am a recent graduate with a full time sweet tooth and a passion for food.

I believe that we can all find commonality in food. Everyone eats. From there, we can create community by learning about cultures, listening to stories, and growing with one another.

This is a space where I will share my original recipes in hopes that you can use them to share with others. Thank you for stopping by!

Things that I love:

Recipe: @Acozykitchen

Recipe: @Acozykitchen

  • The Office                                                                               
  • whipped cream
  • salmon
  • Yahtzee
  • avocado
  • the smell of garlic
  • coffee in the morning
  • singing in the car
  • My cocker spaniel, Triton

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